Island Generator


This is a very basic terrain generator created in Godot 3.5.  A good explanation of the diamond square algorithm can be found in this video.

  • Press Space to generate a new island.
  • Press Tab to toggle between overview and first person camera
  • Use cursor keys to control "player"
  • Use the slider to control roughness: a low value means rougher terrain

That's all there is to it ;-) There are no controls yet to change map size or island size.


Source on Github::

Available under MIT license. Credit is appreciated, but not required.

Development log


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Great job. As I always suggest, use the angle of the ground to determine whether there is just rock (too steep to collect any soil), or whether it's rather flat with grass and trees. That is, of course ontop of the altitude rules.


Thank you! Yes, you are right, yours is the more logical approach. I used it in my bigger ProcGen project (that's where all my procedural generation ideas get thrown in):

This is really great! I love it!