A downloadable demo for Windows and Linux

This demo is an exploration of several algorithms for procedural level generation, made in the Godot game engine. It is just an experiment right now, but it may evolve into a game (or several) one day. I also plan to include an export function to make it more useful for practical purposes.

You can also download most of the graphical assets I made for this  demo. They include very low-poly wall tiles in several styles, some textured wall tiles with normal maps, several low poly trees  and a collection of dungeon props. The assets are  published under the CC0 license, use them however you like. No attribution is required, but it is appreciated.


Click INFO for a detailed description of each algorithm and the additional functions used to create the levels.

Click one of the buttons to create a new level. Move the space traveller character using the Cursor keys or WASD. Switch cameras with Tab. Some aspects of each algorithm can be set with a slider, as detailed in the description.

Most generators just create the basic level structure. Only the Matrix Tiles generator creates detailed dungeons with doors, torches, toilets, treasure chests and more. No enemies, though.


  • Random Walk
  • Self-avoiding Walk
  • Diffusion-limited aggregation
  • Perfect Maze - Recursive Backtracker
  • Maze & Rooms - Backtracker modification
  • Imperfect Maze Berzerk style
  • Random Room Placement
  • Cellular Automata
  • Markov Chain
  • Binary Space Partitioning
  • Tile-based Generator - 2 versions
  • River generator - combines self-avoiding walk and tile based generator


  • Diamond Square
  • Voronoi


Most of my graphical assets use a simple 64 color palette made by Imphenzia. Many thanks for his great work, I have learned a lot from his excellent tutorials. 

Install instructions

Just unpack the ZIP files. Instructions for using the graphical assets in a Godot project are in the readme text.


procgen_demo_028_win64.zip 24 MB
procgen_demo_028_linux.zip 26 MB
ProcGen_Asset_Collection.zip 12 MB

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